We were established in 2000 as the Rift Valley Tree Trust. We spent the first 12 years involved in tree planting, water harvesting and fuel-efficient stove projects. Over this time we met many women who were having more children than they wanted due to lack of family planning, trapping the family in a cycle of poverty.

In 2012 we decided we wanted to tackle the problem that so many people were ignoring, the unmet demand for family planning. We changed our name to CHASE Africa (Community Health And Sustainable Environment) to reflect the inclusion of family planning and health care.

The Rift Valley Tree Trust (RVTT) was founded by Robin Witt and Henry Pomeroy.

Robin writes, “I first visited Kenya in 1976 and have been a regular visitor since then having been lucky enough to marry into a family who lived in the Rift Valley. Every visit was accompanied by a sense of sadness as the Mau forest, home to such a wide range of bio-diversity, was noticeably smaller.”

RVTT’s first partner was FOMAWA – Friends of the Mau Watershed – who shared a desire to protect and conserve the Rift Valley’s beautiful, but shrinking, bio-diverse environment. We now work with 7 partners across the region.

The main focus of our work now is running mobile clinics which offer access to basic health care including family planning, and tree planting projects in East Africa.