Toby Aykroyd (Chair of Trustees) studied Macro Economics, Geography and Development Economics at Cambridge University and has a Master of Business Administration from Cranfield Institute of Technology. Following an initial posting to the UN Development Programme, working on agricultural projects, his career has mainly involved business management, under contract to government and in the private sector. He co-founded the Population and Sustainability Network and is trustee of the Margaret Pyke Trust, the Nomadic Communities Trust (Africa). Toby was also founder of the Wild Europe initiative and executive trustee of the European Nature Trust. He was trustee of the now disbanded BBC Wildlife Fund, where he chaired its Funding Support Group.
Anna Campbell-Johnston has worked in the field of international development in Africa for over 20 years, with Christian Aid, CAFOD, Action on Disability and Development and now Send a Cow. Her responsibilities have included planning and budgeting, personnel management, institutional fundraising and evaluation. She has lived and worked in India and Egypt, and travelled extensively for her work in East Africa.
Julia Hailes is a sustainability pioneer, with over 30 years working in the green sector. She’s a campaigner, speaker, consultant and writer and has written nine books to date, including the number one selling Green Consumer Guide, published in 1988, which sold over 1 million copies. Julia co-founded the think tank consultancy SustainAbility, with John Elkington in 1987 and the Haller Foundation, with Louise Piper, in 2002. Haller, as it’s known, has been promoting sustainability living in Kenya through agricultural training, tree-planting, dam building and education, as well as family planning. In 1992 Julia received a UN Global 500 Award for outstanding environmental achievement and in 1999 was awarded an MBE.
Sue Martin is a retired State Registered Nurse, who has worked in Kenya for 17 years. She and her husband, Rob, were missionaries with the Anglican Mission Agency, Crosslinks, and have 3 grown up sons, two of whom were born in Kenya. Their first posting (1978 – 1987) was in the foot hills of Mt. Kenya, two hours north of Nairobi, where Sue brought up her children and taught first aid and community health, part-time at the Bible college. Back in UK, she headed up the Pastoral Care Team in the Parish where they were based in Frome. Their recent posting (2008 – 2016) was in the far northern deserts of Kenya, working with the nomadic pastoralists, where Sue worked with women’s groups enabling them to become more self sufficient through small business, and also with others, to tackle issues such as early child marriage andfemale circumcision. Together Rob and Sue have set up a charity “Friends of Marsabit” which works to raise funds and awareness for this huge marginalised area in Northern Kenya.
Dossie Payne was born and raised in Uganda and has lived in Norway and America. She has a BSc in Geology, MSc in Exploration Geology and Geophysics and an MBA from Open University and currently lives and works in Lincolnshire. With family in Kenya, Africa is ‘in her blood’, Dossie has been involved on a voluntary basis with CHAT since 2005, helping with grant applications and fund-raising.
Catherine Pulman worked for CHASE Africa in the fundraising team after studying Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge. She is now based in London and works in digital marketing. Catherine is responsible for CHASE’s social media and is actively involved in keeping our online presence up to date and relevant for our audience.
Oliver Whaley is based at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. With an interdisciplinary background in art and science he works on building project collaborations across social and biological groups. Today he specialises in working with agricultural sectors to address the challenges of plant and biodiversity extinction, food security and use of plants for provision of sustainable livelihoods. His work is underpinned by social and cultural inclusion and focused on conservation, research and restoration of threatened multipurpose trees of dry forest ecosystems in Latin America especially in Peru.
Mike Wheeler is a retired chartered civil and structural engineer who has lived and worked in Nairobi. Seeing first-hand the link between large family size and poverty in developing countries he became the Local Groups Facilitator for the Charity Population Matters. He is an experienced fund raiser for charitable causes.