This June, we held a 3-day meeting with nine of our Kenyan partners near Nakuru, Kenya. The objective was to share learning across our Family Planning and Tree Planting Programmes and agree on ways forward to strengthen both the capacity of our partner organisations and the impact and effectiveness of our interventions.

Given that we mostly work through small community-based organisations, we discussed organisational needs and where support is required. A particular focus area was ensuring organisations have up to date and relevant policies in place. We also reviewed the data monitoring tools to ensure the quality of services provided and changes in knowledge and attitudes are captured alongside the quantitative data.

With regard to the Family Planning Programme, partners reported a huge unmet need for both information and services, however some faced challenges with stock outs of medical supplies/commodities in meeting that demand. Additionally, some women were interested in seeking family planning services, but their partners resisted, so we discussed ways in which men can be engaged in discussions around planning family size and birth spacing.

In the Tree Planting Programme, partners discussed the justification for and pros/cons of establishing different tree species in each location.  Partners discussed ways in which they can mitigate against unintended negative consequences.

Overall, the evaluation was very positive about the work CHASE Africa is funding and excited about expanding to new partners in new areas across Kenya.