We hope this message finds you well in these uncertain times. CHASE Africa is very aware of the huge challenges that Coronavirus is placing on our partners in Kenya and Uganda, and on colleagues in the UK. It is important that we all look after ourselves, and the organisations and communities we are working with in Kenya and Uganda.

We are reassessing the situation on a daily basis with our partner organisations and want to be sure they are operating as safely as possible. They work very closely with their local Ministry of Health offices in rural locations of Kenya and Uganda. This may mean that they are required to focus on operations linked to Coronavirus prevention.

Our partners work with local Community Health Workers who offer family planning advice and access to services in their communities. This will continue in some areas as long as it remains permitted.For some partners, this has already become impossible. For others, they are able to continue. CHWs who continue to work will receive training and support to ensure high levels of hygiene are practiced. Our partners will be guided by their local Ministry of Health offices as to what activities are endorsed and supported.

Large open meetings in Kenya and Uganda have been banned, so that means the mobile day-clinics that our partners operate, offering primary healthcare and family planning services, are no longer permitted as many hundreds of people come to these clinics. Schools in Kenya and Uganda are also closing, so tree planting is on hold for the time being.

Here in the UK, everyone is working from home. We are still very much open for business, and can be reached via email or phone. We expect to face serious funding challenges in the weeks and months ahead.

Do please continue to support our work. Even when Coronavirus is quite rightly taking so much energy and resources, people in marginalised and poor communities still need to have access to family planning and basic healthcare which is what our partners are continuing to do with your support.

Our thoughts go out to anyone affected by the virus.

Best wishes, CHASE Africa Trustees and staff.