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In Kenya, women can travel up to 58 kilometres to reach their nearest health service and receive family planning.

We met Nancy in Kenya last month at a rural outreach clinic run by our partner Mount Kenya Trust. One hour’s drive down mud tracks, a group of women waited at a small clinic to receive their choice of contraception and to be tested for cervical cancer.

Without family planning, Nancy would not have had the opportunity to get a good education, and pursue a career in teaching.

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Distance, cost, misconceptions and availability of chosen contraceptive method are common barriers which prevent women from having the chance to choose.

We are working to tackle these problems. We bring the services to the most remote communities in Kenya, through our local partners. We run mobile health clinics, provide quality information and advice, and take nurses door to door to provide family planning within the privacy of families’ own homes.

The impact of modern contraception is incredible. It leads to improved maternal and new born health, gives women the chance to earn an income, and the opportunity to get a good education for their children.

This week, we’ll be telling the stories of some of the girls and women you have helped us support since our foundation. Women like Rachel (right), who is a single mum at 21. Rachel was told contraception was dangerous, and would make her infertile. She know knows this is untrue, she’s using contraception and is looking for a job.

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