CHASE Africa was at the United Nations International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD25) in Nairobi on 12th – 14th Nov, along with over 6,000 other participants from 170 countries, celebrating 25 years since the first ICPD conference.

The Nairobi Summit on ICPD25 concluded, in the Kenyan capital, with bold commitments to transform the world by working towards 3 zeros by 2030,

  • end all avoidable maternal deaths,
  • end unmet need for family planning, and
  • end gender-based violence and harmful practices against women and girls.

CHASE Africa is working hard with its 9 family planning partners in Kenya and Uganda to provide access to family planning services for rural and marginalised communities. Women face many barriers to accessing family planning such as cost of services, distance from a clinic, and social and cultural barriers. Our local partner organisations spend a lot of time providing good clear and appropriate information to the communities where the services will be provided. This helps people to choose the timing, spacing, and number of children that they want.

Sessions in the ICPD25 Summit ranged widely on topics such as policy, Government and donor funding, and FP commodity supply lines, and many senior people were there including some Prime Ministers and many Ministers from many countries.

If the result of this conference is that donor countries help poor countries to provide good quality family planning services that are available free to everyone, and rich and poor countries alike are accountable for the commitments they made at the Summit, then great progress will be made towards the 3 zeros.