Last month, we reached a fantastic milestone in our history. CHASE Africa and our local partner organisations have now delivered over one million healthcare and family planning services across East Africa, improving the lives of rural families who often face insurmountable barriers to leading healthy lives. This has only been made possible with the support of many generous supporters, our sincere thanks goes out to you!

1,000,000 is a huge number. But what is more impressive is that behind each and every individual service is a personal story.

Margaret was one of the first clients to take up family planning with our second partner, Dandelion Africa, in 2013. She had three children aged between two and twelve. Margaret’s wish was to start a business to earn an income and give her children the best possible future. But to do this she needed to prevent a further pregnancy. Despite being told by neighbours in her village that a contraceptive implant was dangerous, she came to a mobile clinic to learn about it herself.  Margaret went on to run a greengrocer and contribute alongside her husband towards domestic expenses.

We can’t detail every case here, but Margaret’s story shows that while this milestone is certainly cause for celebration, what we do simply cannot be conveyed in numbers! Community Health Workers, Clinicians and project staff tirelessly inform communities on health, family planning and environmental issues. Only through breaking myths and misconceptions and by winning the trust of women and men, girls and boys, can we truly reach the most marginalised families – those who are most in need.

Our Community Health Workers, recruited from and based within marginalised communities, help to inform and share information in local languages and culturally sensitive ways. And by adapting a range of mobile health strategies (which has developed and grown over the years), we are now breaking down barriers to accessing healthcare and family planning in 16 counties in Kenya and Uganda.

But there’s something else missing from this data too. Alongside our healthcare and family planning services, CHASE Africa is also working to support the restoration and sustainable management of natural resources and habitats.

Here are just some of the highlights:

  • An incredible quarter of a million trees have been planted to restore degraded forests and reduce the pressure on remaining habitats.
  • Over 275 schools have benefitted from woodlots planted on their premises, engaging pupils, teachers and parents in environmental stewardship.
  • 1,785 fuel efficient stoves have been distributed or manufactured, improving air quality in homes, reducing time women spend collecting firewood and decreasing pressure on indigenous forests.

All of this work been made possible through the amazing support of individuals, trusts and foundations, companies and groups who have believed in our work. A heartfelt thank you goes out to every one of our supporters.