We’ve had news from Gabriel Musundi, founder and CEO of Community Health Volunteers – CHASE Africa’s partner based in Kakamega, western Kenya.

There is an ongoing nurses’ strike in Kenya over pay and conditions that is affecting health services across the country. The current iteration of the strike began at the beginning of June, though there have been strikes going on for over a year now.

Lack of the availability of nursing staff has put increasing pressure on CHV’s mobile clinics – however, Gabriel is upbeat about the extra work that has come their way. A recent clinic in the village of Shimakondi near Kakamega was attended by 2,790 people – typically a clinic would expect to see between 600 and 1,400 people.

Of those 2,790 people, 298 women came for family planning services and commodities – this is a remarkable number.

Gabriel and his team are doing superb work reaching out to those who need their help during difficult times for the Kenyan health service.