CHASE Away Litter

CHASE Away Litter

Have you noticed how every year the roadsides look dreadful in February and March, littered with discarded rubbish chucked from cars whose owners appreciate a clean car but have no concern for our beautiful countryside?

And by May it has all vanished. Have the councils been out in force in a massive spring clean?

Sadly not. Nature has once again burst to life and covered up the trash we discard. It’s still all there but we won’t see it until next autumn when nature pauses for the winter, retreating into the soil and exposing once again our callous disregard for the natural world.

CHASE Away LitterWe have been out litter picking in the quiet somerset lanes near our office and on average we fill a black bin liner for every 50 metres of roadside. The government estimates that there are 245,000 miles of roads in the UK – and if they’re anything like the ones we’ve been clearing that means there are nearly 8,000,000 bags worth of rubbish littering our countryside.

So if you want to give yourself that warm glow of satisfaction why not organise a sponsored litter pick for CHASE. Most people hate litter so seeing their neighbourhood cleaned and also donating to a good cause is something people are happy to support.

The work of CHASE Africa is dependent on a regular flow of income. A monthly donation of £3 will change many lives and see many more trees planted on Mount Kenya. It costs £6 to give a women family planning for 3 years, £10 will plant 10 indigenous trees.

Support us to clean up our environment here and we will use your money to give people a better future as well as reforesting parts of the iconic Mount Kenya.