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18 05, 2016

Our Partners in Action

May 18th, 2016|

CHASE operates through a number of different partners in Kenya and Uganda. We thought we’d tell you what they have been doing over the last couple of months to give you an idea of the impact of our work. We’ll be following up with more detailed stories as we receive reports from our partners.

Crossing the river... almostIn March, Dandelion Africa completed 3 day-clinics reaching 325 women with family planning resources and 872 with primary health care. We were also able to send funding for a further series of 9 day-clinics that will be happening in the coming months.

On their most recent outreach the Dandelion van, unfortunately got stuck crossing a river. Thankfully there was a passing vehicle in the area that was able to assist for which the team were very grateful. However, this incident has shown again the need for a good 4×4 – if you’d like to help, please visit our Donate page (you can add “Dandelion 4×4” as a message on the MyDonate website page).

The CHV clininc near KakamegaOur new partner, Community Health Volunteers (CHV), has completed their first mobile day-clinic near Kakamega forest, Kenya’s only tropical rainforest which is the last remnant of the ancient Guineo-Congolian rainforest that once spanned the continent and renowned for its 376 species of birds. During the first day-clinic 625 patients were seen and 195 of the women who attended chose to use family planning.

Community Health Africa Trust (CHAT) completed a mobile clinic outreach to West Laikipia and Baringo East in April. Over 2,000 people came to hear CHAT’s talk on how to lead a healthier life and ecological awareness and 903 women choose to have family planning.

On the environmental side of our work, our partner, Mount Kenya Trust, is working on a pilot schools tree planting project in co-operation with One Tree Per Child and we’re looking forward to seeing the results from that soon. It’s an exciting opportunity for MKT too with school children planting trees.

Unloading trees at the IDP settlementIn April, Community Food and Environment Group (COFEG) planted over 10,000 trees at the Asanyo IDP settlement which, at over 8,000 feet, is a cold and windy spot. The trees will provide shelter and, in the future, a source of firewood and construction material as well as helping to increase local bio-diversity.

16 09, 2015

Irangi Forest Restoration

September 16th, 2015|

DSC_3448Since October of last year CHASE has been working with the Mount Kenya Trust (MKT) on a restoration project in the Irangi Forest. Because of the generosity of our donors we have been able to fund three planting phases – the first in October 2014, the second in March 2015 and a third which is due to happen in October 2015 (though they’ve been able to start early because the rains have come).

MKT supports, trains and equips local community groups to enable them to raise seedlings which MKT then buys for planting. They currently work with a women’s group in the Magacha area which borders the Irangi Forest which itself lies to the south east of Mount Kenya.

Reforestation (2)The women’s group nurtures the seedlings until they are mature and ready to be transported to the reforestation sites – degraded areas where many trees have been lost to illegal feeling and poor government resource management. The women are also employed to prepare the site and do the actual planting – because of their involvement with the Irangi project they have been able to purchase a plot of land from the proceeds of their work. They use this land as a plant nursery, which means they have more capacity to grow tree seedlings.

The women’s group members are passionate about looking after the trees they have planted and by the time they have finished in October they will have planted more than 10,000 trees on 10 hectares of land.

Note: the photos are from previous plantings.

6 05, 2015

Where Has All the Litter Gone?

May 6th, 2015|

Have you noticed how every year the roadsides look dreadful in February and March, littered with discarded rubbish chucked from cars whose owners appreciate a clean car but have no concern for our beautiful countryside?

And by May it has all vanished. Have the councils been out in force in a massive spring clean?

Sadly not. Nature has once again burst to life and covered up the trash we discard. It’s still all there but we won’t see it until next autumn when nature pauses for the winter, retreating into the soil and exposing once again our callous disregard for the natural world.

rubbish_bagWe have been out litter picking in the quiet somerset lanes near our office and on average we fill a black bin liner for every 50 metres of roadside. The government estimates that there are 245,000 miles of roads in the UK – and if they’re anything like the ones we’ve been clearing that means there are nearly 8,000,000 bags worth of rubbish littering our countryside.

So if you want to give yourself that warm glow of satisfaction why not organise a sponsored litter pick for CHASE. Most people hate litter so seeing their neighbourhood cleaned and also supporting a good cause is something people are happy to support.

22 04, 2015

Planting Trees for Life at Mount Kenya

April 22nd, 2015|

At last the long awaited rains have arrived and tree planting can commence again. We were very pleased to be able to purchase a large variety of trees from the Plants for Life nursery at Brackenhurst to use in the project we are funding with Mount Kenya Trust for the reforestation in the Mount Kenya National Reserve. Some of the these trees are becoming very rare such as Premna maxima, Warbugia ugandensis and Ocotea usambarensis. Future plantings will hopefully include even rarer ones such as Fleroya rubrostipulata, Myrianthus holstii and the climber Embelia keniensis which has just been put on the IUCN Red list.

Below is a full list of the trees we purchased, where there is no figure in the “No, to Mount Kenya” column that means that although the Plants for Life nursery has that species we didn’t buy any. We include the complete list to give you an idea of the huge variety that Plants for Life has available :

Species No. in tree nursery No. to Mount Kenya
Antiaris toxicaria 160 20
Afrocarpus falcatus 214 50
Apodytes dimidiata 4 4
Rhus natalense 17 7
Rothmannia urcelliformins 568 100
Tabarnaemontana stapfiana 40 20
Macaranga kilimandscharica 75 20
Markhamia lutea 473 100
Cordia africana 9 9
Podocarpus latifolius 86 30
Olinia rochetiana 8 4
Albizia coriaria 18 5
Bridelia micrantha 11 5
Acokanthera oppositifolia 43 30
Dracaena steudneri 22 10
Albizia gummifera 3 3
Phoenix reclinata 110 20
Rothmannia fischeri 11 3
Spathodea campanulata 8 4
Rutidea orientalis 1
Vitex keniensis 3 3
Ficus sur 15 5
Annona senegalensis 17 5
Erythrina abyssinica 33 5
Pappea capense 14 5
Funtumia africana 2
Catha edulis 3 2
Uvariodendron anisatum 12 5
Trema orientalis 2 2
Euclea divinorum 28 10
Vepris nobilis 75 30
Milletia dura 130 50
Garcinia buchananii 25 5
Rauvolfia caffra 7 3
Dombeya torrida 1 1
Lepisanthes segalensis 9
Maytenus arbutifolia 108 10
Trilepisium madagascariense 55 10
Toddalia asiatica 2 2
Mimusops kummel 6 3
Carissa spinarum 10 4
Prunus africana 96 60
Calodendrum capense 8 8
Olea welwitschii 350 100
Warburgia ugandensis 329 big + 142 newly pricked 70
Tarenna graveolense 2
Pittosporum spathicalyx 10 10
Acacia xanthophloea 24
Strychnos henningsii 18 8
Kigelia africana 3 2
Pterolobium stellatum 1 1
Vitex strickeri 7 5
Craibia laurentii 25 5
Eleodendron buchananii 754 150
Polycias kikuyuensis 9 5
Margarataria discoides 3 3
Coffea subsp 11 5
Zanthoxylum mildbraedii 3
Syzygium guineense 28 20
Syzygium guineense subsp. Barotsensis 42 10
Shirakiopsis ellipticum 24 10
Ekebergia capense 774 250
Ocotea kenyense 80 15
Diospyros abyssinica 1 1
Turraea holstii 46 20
Turraea robusta 38 10
Chrysophyllum gorungosonum 100 20
Chaetacme aristata 2 2
Rytygina uhligii 24 10
Flacourtia indica 4 2
Trianolepis africana (Rub subsp 420 30
Strychnos innocua 5
Premna maxima 3
Pouteria adolfifriederichii 2 2
Gardenia volkensii 3
Ficus thoningii 3 3
Trichilia dregeana 3 3
Brachyleana huilensis 105
Misc species including herbs 100
17 12, 2014

Salgaa Outreach

December 17th, 2014|

CHASE has recently funded a mobile clinic operated by our new partner, Dandelion Africa. The clinic, run in the town of Salgaa, some 20 miles north of Nakuru was a great success. Over 1,600 people visited the clinic. A great encouragement for us and for all those involved came from a letter of appreciation sent by the Medical Office of Health. It’s good to know that this work does not go un-noticed!

Letter from the Medical Health Office

24 11, 2014

Rwangondu – water, sanitation and environment

November 24th, 2014|

Opening ceremony - in the rainWe are pleased to be able to report the completion of Rwangondu settlement’s Rainwater Harvesting Project. The project was started at the beginning of the year and involved CHASE working through COFEG, with funding from CHASE and two other UK organisations, to provide water, sanitation and environmental improvements at the Rwangondu IDP settlement.

The rainwater harvesting project was funded by the Heineken Africa Foundation through a grant that we were able to organise and means that the settlement’s 68 homes now have consistent access to clean water. The Kitchen Table Charities Trust funded the provision and building of new and improved sanitary latrines for each home and CHASE Africa funded the planting of 22,000 trees – over 300 trees per home – that, as well as helping the environment, will simply make the settlement that bit more pleasant for those who live there. Each family planted some of their trees around their home, with the rest being planted on their farmland.

We have added a new gallery of photos of the opening ceremony which, appropriately enough, took place in the rain!

Clement Kariuki, COFEG’s Director, writes: “The launch was a success where it was attended by the MCA for Nyota ward who had been sent by the Governor, Assistant Sub-county Administrator, Mr Jacob and Mr Langat from FOMAWA and other Government representatives.
The governor and his ministers could not attend since the ceremony coincided with the presidents visit to the county. The local community attend in large numbers and a Plaque was unveiled for the project launch and tree planting was done by the MCA and Sub County Administrator.
Heavy rains were experienced during the event.”

1 07, 2014

Exciting new partnership with Blue Ventures

July 1st, 2014|

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Blue Ventures, a marine conservation NGO with a PHE (Population, Health and Environment) approach. We will be helping them to expand and improve their existing programme, with a focus on improving access to family planning for women in coastal areas of Madagascar by supporting them to train and equip community health workers to use smart phones for quality assurance and monitoring of service delivery.

25 03, 2014

CHASE Africa party and Bath Half Marathon success

March 25th, 2014|

March has seen two hugely successful fundraising events bring in over £4,000 for CHASE Africa. At the beginning of the month our team of 18 runners, which included our Director, Henry Pomeroy, and two CHASE Africa volunteers, as well as 6 boys from King’s Bruton, competed in the Bath Half Marathon. It was a fantastic day for all involved, with many supporters turning up to cheer us on, and not a single runner collapsing half way round! Many thanks to everyone who sponsored the team and to all who turned up on the day to watch.

Bath Half 2014

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