Our First Partner Conference

Date: 13th and 14th March 2018

Place: Nakuru Kenya

Event: the first CHASE Africa Partner Conference

We regularly work with our partners in Kenya by phone, email and Skype – but sometimes you just need time together to talk, reflect, plan and learn. So a conference was planned…

We met together in the home of Wendo Aszed of Dandelion Africa. Wendo lives with her family on a farm just outside of Nakuru; a farm that also hosts a conference centre with accommodation and a spacious room for meetings – ideal!

All of our Kenyan partners were present – Wendo, Samuel and Ruth from Dandelion Africa, Delphin and Charlene from Mount Kenya Trust, Rose from CHAT, Annie from Big Life Foundation, Gabriel and Hassan from CHV and last, but not least, Jacob from FOMAWA. We also had the pleasure of a visit from Alfred Abogo of the Kenyan Forestry Service.

The aim of the conference was to provide an opportunity for each partner to share their experiences of their work, and to learn from each other about best practices in the areas that we work in. It was also an opportunity for CHASE to provide input – Henry was able to spend time talking our partners through how to carry out effective monitoring and evaluation of projects – a key component of making sure that we know what we are doing, and do what we say we are doing.

Each partner was able to learn from the others and we learnt much about the work that our partners are doing, details that might not be communicated through emails and phone calls, but come out when sat together around the table sharing the evening meal.

The general consensus at the end of the conference was “we should do this again”!