How you can help

£25 pays a nurse’s salary for a day.
£50 fuels the clinic’s 4 wheel drive vehicle for 3 days.

Basic healthcareIn rural Africa dispensaries are generally the first point of contact with the public. These small clinics, run by a state registered nurse provide basic consultations, diagnostic services and treatment for routine conditions. Any more serious conditions are referred to a regional health centre. The shortage of both types of facilities makes it difficult for people, especially mothers and children, to gain access to primary care conveniently and these facilities often face the problems of staff shortages and medical supplies.

Mobile clinics travel over difficult terrainIn many remote rural areas the dispensary is many miles away and the arrival of a mobile clinic is often met by a huge crowd. It is not uncommon for the clinic to see over a 1,000 patients during the day. Our partners all work with the full approval of the Ministry of Health using registered doctors and nurses who are happy to receive a locum wage.

The clinic will attend to primary healthcare needs such as respiratory infections, skin complaints, diarrhoea and malaria and they will also carry out childhood immunisations, deworming, some cancer screening and HIV/Aids voluntary testing and counselling.

Loading a van before it heads out to a clinicA rapidly increasing population puts often already over stretched resources under even more pressure. As family planning becomes more widely accepted and the rate of population growth slows the demographic dividend will hopefully allow the government to allocate more resources to the health service.