Communities Health Africa trust (CHAT) works with marginalised communities, many of whom are semi-nomadic pastoralists, mainly in the counties of Marsabit, Isiolo, Laikipia, Baringo and Samburu, who have limited access to healthcare.

The roads in these areas can be very challenging and CHAT uses a variety of means of transport to reach their clients. Sometimes their nurse will travel on the back of a motorbike, sometimes in a Land Rover and when the going gets very tough a team of camels is used to move the clinic. In the 10 days before a clinic arrives the CHWs make every effort to publicise what health services will be available; going door to door and targeting Chief gatherings and churches.

Preparing the van for a clinic

Visiting a home to talk about family planning options

Setting up a clinic

Not everyone is so keen on being weighed…

49,140 Family Planning Services
(114,217 CYP)
1 CYP = family planning for one couple for one year

20,911 people seen for healthcare