Dandelion Africa is based in the village of Mogotio in Baringo County in the dry harsh environment of the Rift Valley.

Dandelion was set up by Wendo Aszed in 2010. She believes real development and progresswill only be possible if women are empowered and gain true equality, opportunity andinfluence at all levels of society. Gender equality means equal rights and opportunities in thefamily, in the community and in the country.

In 2018 Dandelion opened a new maternity hospital and expanded their campaign to end female genital mutilation. In 2018, 5,659 family planning services were dispensed (8,175 CYP) and over 64,000 patients were seen for a basic healthcare treatment.

Also in 2018 CHASE Africa worked with Ace Africa to train Dandelion Africa, in sustainable agricultural and nutrition practices and income generating activities. CHASE Africa partner, FOMAWA trained Ace Africa in its integrated school tree-planting programme. CHASE Africa and Ace Africa programmes will complement one another and result in improved incomes and nutrition in schools and within households.

The project also has a specific focus on environmental protection. The trees and vegetation planted will have a beneficial effect on the environment, children and community members. In addition, those trained will have greater capacity and knowledge about environmental protection enabling them to conserve, live sustainably and live in harmony with the land for generations to come.

Waiting for a clinic

Insertion of a long-term contraceptive implant

Consultation with a doctor

27,873 Family Planning Services (41,868 CYP)
1 CYP = family planning for one couple for one year

265,331 people seen for healthcare