RCRA is CHASE Africa’s newest partner delivering health and family planning services. They are based in Kasese, Western Uganda

The Rwenzori Center for Research and Advocacy (RCRA) is a Ugandan not-for profit organisation founded in 2010. Working in partnership with global donors, civil society and local communities, the RCRA was incorporated as a not for profit healthcare organisation charity in 2014.

RCRA’s first clinics with CHASE Africa happened between June and August 2019. The RCRA team, with help from the Ugandan Ministry of Health visited three locations – two schools and one health centre. The location were selected in consultation with the District Health Educator who is well placed to know where the clinics would be most beneficial.

Prior to the arrival of the mobile clinics nine Village Health Teams/Community Health Workers visited local communities to share information and tell people about the services on offer at the upcoming clinics. They talked about the types of family planning methods available, their benefits, how they are used and the effects of each method and how long they last. The teams also spent time dispelling myths at about family planning.

Over the three clinics they saw over 650 women for family planning services, around 230 were there to receive family planning for the first time. The second clinic was done through referrals to the health centre in Isango, this was because of the threat of Ebola in the same community. however the District Health Office recommended that RCRA use a referral method to avoid too many people congregating in one area at one time.

Services offered during the clinics included:

  • Family planning methods;
  • Cervical cancer screening;
  • Deworming of children;
  • Malaria testing and treatment;
  • HIV testing and enrolment into care;
  • Condom distribution;
  • Health education;
  • and counselling services.

Queueing at the clinic