Rural Initiatives for Community Empowerment (RICE) is CHASE Africa’s first partner in Uganda. The average number of children per woman in Uganda is 5.7, much higher than Kenya’s 3.85 and the reason why Uganda’s population is predicted to go from the present 44 million to 101 million by 2050.

RICE’s director spent time with two of our partners in Kenya learning how they operate. With the knowledge gained from his visit RICE put on six medical outreaches in 2018. The turnout was enormous with 11,691 patients being seen for a basic health issue and 886 family planning treatments being given out (1,143 CYP). RICE will be helping another Ugandan NGO set up a similar programme in 2019.

Crowds gather for one of the first RICE-WN clinics

Each clinic brings its own pharmacy

The RICE-WN team

1,274 Family Planning Services (2,390 CYP)
1 CYP = family planning for one couple for one year

15,767 people seen for healthcare