Rural Initiative for Community Empowerment – West Nile (RICE-WN) is CHASE Africa’s first partner in Uganda. The unmet need for modern contraception amongst married women in Uganda is particularly high at 33%, compared to 20% in Kenya*, and the country’s fertility, maternal mortality, and teenage pregnancy rates remain among the highest in the world. By 2050, the Ugandan Government is aiming to reduce the unmet need for family planning to 10%, and increase the contraceptive prevalence rate to 50%. Organisations such as RICE-WN, who are helping to reach remote and rural communities with family planning services, education and healthcare, will play an important role in reaching this ambitious goal.

RICE-WN’s director, Pax Sakari, spent time with two of our partners in Kenya learning how they operate, and put on a pilot 3 day medical outreach clinic in Arua in February of 2018. The turnout was enormous, with 4,076 patients being seen for a basic health issue or test, and 588 women receiving family planning services. Following the success of these initial pilot clinics, a further 6 day clinics were held in October 2018, in Kijomoro and Wadelai sub-counties, with even greater numbers of clients attending. RICE-WN is now helping our new partner, RCRA, another Ugandan NGO, set up a similar programme, and they have just completed their first clinic (June 2019).

*FP2020: Uganda, 2018 (32.6%), Kenya, 2018 (20.3%)

Crowds gather for one of the first RICE-WN clinics

Women’s economic empowerment

Each clinic brings its own pharmacy