Rural Initiative for Community Empowerment – West Nile (RICE-WN) is CHASE Africa’s first partner in Uganda. The unmet need for family planning amongst married women in Uganda is particularly high at 31%, compared to 20% in Kenya, and is contributing to rapid population growth which is expected to result in a population of over 100 million by 2050, from 44 million today.

RICE-WN’s director spent time with two of our partners in Kenya learning how they operate. With the knowledge gained from his visit, RICE-WN put on six medical outreaches in 2018. The turnout was enormous, with 11,691 patients being seen for a basic health issue and 886 women receiving family planning services. RICE-WN will be helping another Ugandan NGO set up a similar programme in 2019.

Key Stats

Service provision funded by CHASE Africa, 2018-2019:


10,500 healthcare services*

5,200 tests**

*Includes primary healthcare services, deworming treatments and immunisations          ** Includes HIV, malaria, HepB testing and cancer screening

Family Planning

1,200 family planning provisions provided*

2,300 CYP equivalent**

700 condoms distributed

*Includes IUCD, 5/3-yr implant, Depo-provera injection, and the Pill                              ** Couple Years of Protection – 1 CYP is equivalent to 1 year of family planning

Crowds gather for one of the first RICE-WN clinics

The RICE-WN team

Each clinic brings its own pharmacy