The Maa Trust is a community based non-profit trust in the Maasai Mara, Kenya that was registered in June 2009. TMT coordinates sustainable community development projects in the Maasai Mara centred around alternative livelihoods for women and youth, education and capacity building, clean water access and quality healthcare. The importance of conservation and wildlife is stressed within every initiative so that communities acknowledge that benefits are received because of the wildlife that they live alongside.

Maa Trust Women's GroupCHASE Africa is funding TMT to develop and implement a programme of integrated health and family planning services to marginalised communities. With the help of the local Ministry of Health, TMT will train 6 Community Health Mobilisers (CHMs) who will visit communities to enable women and men to make informed decisions around family planning. CHMs will be able to link women to service providers to receive those services.

CHMs have already started visiting communities and have met with women’s groups in a number of locations to talk about the benefits of family planning – they have discovered that only one in twenty of the women they meet with has heard of contraception. There is much work to do.

As the project develops, check back for more news!