Anne, our ‘back-pack’ nurse, met Linnet in the Likii slums of Nanyuki town in Laikipia County. Linnet is 26 years old and has twin sons, Solomon and Moses, and a daughter, Stacy, with her husband David.

She has been using the 3 month injection method of contraception protection for 9 years since she learnt about family planning from a doctor when she went for a check-up after her first child was born. She says her husband is aware and very supportive of family planning. Although she loves all of her children dearly she would have preferred to have only had two, and therefore decided to get the 5 year implant to make sure that she doesn’t have any more.

She told us that choosing the 5 year implant contraception protection method will benefit her children and family in allowing her to work efficiently and provide for them, and her children will get all the attention they need from her. She thinks that they wouldn’t be able to financially support more children without ruining her dream of seeing her children finish their education and get well paid jobs. She hopes her family continue being as happy as they are now.

She says most of the women in her area are aware of family planning but they don’t use it because it’s either expensive for them or because they are suspicious of it.

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